Thank You

Thank You


Can you believe that Connected Physio is almost 6 months old, it’s been a whirlwind. We have endured a physical and emotional rollercoaster, the rollercoaster has been riding positively high most of the time. But realistically we cannot deny the stress and anxiety that has consumed us from time to time.

On the whole we take great pride in what we have achieved so far and more often than not we can see the business developing over and above what we expected.

We have a lot of people to thank for their invaluable support. We truly could not have even contemplated this without the help of so many people.

Before this blog turns out to be a cheesy love, peace and thank you parade I’ll stop this outpouring of emotion.

We are at a stage now where we have a steady stream of clients coming through the door for a variety of treatments including physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage. Although we are acutely aware that we cannot take this for granted and have continued to push with our marketing thanks to our friends @webbudd.

We have a couple of events to look forward to including providing massage for the Squirrel Criterium,  a cycling event taking place at Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline at the beginning of June. Anyone interested in entering or supporting can find details @,-Dunfermline

We are also looking to start teaching Pilates classes in Dunfermline over the summer, there will be more details on when, where and how you can book a space in one of the classes. This is a really exciting step for us because we had a dream that we could combine a rehab setting which provides healing in every sense of the word and Pilates is definitely a step in the right direction in achieving this. We did not expect to be at this stage already but it seems like a natural step forward.

We hope that your enjoying reading the blogs, the future of our blogs will aim to be provide education and an insight into self management of conditions along with a glimpse into the business itself.

Thanks for being here!

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