Bubble Bum

Bubble Bum

The perfect rounded bottom, it’s what we aspire to is it not? How many of you are still feeling the pinch post Christmas and New Year? (That feels like a lifetime ago!)

This blog is for those moments of despair when you look at your bottom and it looks a bit saggy or a bit flat or full of cellulite. How do we work with this in order to make it better? Firstly know that help is at hand; secondly know that we’re going to give you some exercises to work that perfect butt.

As always make sure that you are doing exercise safely. Use your common sense and consult a professional if required and certainly medical help if you are dealing with any injuries.

First a little about the anatomy. The gluteus muscles are made up of 3 muscles,

The gluteus maximus (that big area of your bottom that you can touch) It’s the biggest of the gluts muscle and spans from the lower back and sacrum out towards the hip. It’s responsible for abducting the hip (moving the hip out to the side) and extending the leg out behind us. This extension helps to propel us forwards when we move.

The gluteus medius, this muscle lies under the gluteus maximus. It helps with abduction of the hip (moving the leg out to the side) and rotating the hip inwards.

The gluteus minimus, this muscle lays deeper still to the other two muscles, attaching onto the pelvis and downwards towards the hip joint itself. It helps with abduction of the hip (moving the leg out to the side) and rotating the hip inwards.

Working together the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus help to stabilise the hip and pelvis whilst we’re weight bearing. Think about the moment when you are walking and you have to stand on one leg while the other swings through. These 2 gluts muscles help stabilise your hip and pelvis at this point, stopping the pelvis from moving laterally too much.

Given the function of the muscles we need to work with a variety of exercises in order to make sure that we work each part effectively. Common mistakes to make when working the gluts muscles include working to much with the hamstrings (the muscles which run down the back of the thigh) or the Tensor Facia Latae ( a small muscles that sits at the front of the hip).

So create that perfect bubble bum here are some exercises to work the gluts effectively.




Start in a squat position, with the ball of your right foot on the floor

Hands on the waist with your centre engaged

Inhale to prepare, on the exhale extend the right hip and knee and point the toes. Keep the foot hovering from the floor.

Inhale to bend the hip, knee and bring the toes back to your start position.

Repeat up to 10 times and then change legs.




Lie on your side with your shoulders, hips and legs stacked, find neutral spine and centre is engaged.

Inhale to prepare, on the exhale keeping the feet together lift the top knee upwards, inhale rest the leg back down.  Do this 10 times then follow on with 10 of the same exercise but this time with your feet lifted from the floor, lower thigh resting


Shoulder Bridge


Lie on your back with your legs hip width apart, shoulders drawn downwards neck lengthened, engage the core muscles. On an exhalation gently begin to roll your spine off the mat by scooping your tail bone between your legs, allowing the rest of the spine to follow until your resting at shoulder blade height.  Inhale and then exhale to gently lengthen your spine back onto the mat. Repeat 10 times.

Then follow on with the next level of shoulder bridge, peel your spine of the mat, exhale to lengthen your left leg forwards reaching for the other side of the room, trying to keep your pelvis level throughout. Inhale to let the leg rest then repeat on the opposite side. Repeat 10 times each side.

Simple Squats


In standing engage your centre, inhale to prepare, exhale to flex the hips and knees, inhale to return to standing position. You can vary this exercise by flexing then pulsing, and also taking a wider stance (feet further than hip width apart). Repeat 10 times. Be aware of your knee alignment when squatting your knees should fall in line with your toes.


In standing, step forward with your right leg then as you exhale drop the left knee towards the floor, whilst bending the right knee into a squat position. Inhale to extend both legs and step the right foot back to standing. Repeat on the left side, do this 10 times each side. Be aware of your knee alignment, knee over toes.


Good luck let us know how you get on with this bottom challenge.

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