About Us

About Us

Vicky is connected physio’s resident physiotherapist she qualified in physiotherapy in 2003 after completing an HND in Sports Therapy. She has worked in both the NHS and private practice over her career within physiotherapy. She has gained experience working as a physiotherapist in high level sports including rugby, cycling and martial arts.


Her passion lies with rehabilitating the body using exercise, specifically pilates and yoga to restore health and wellbeing. She has found that combined with manual techniques such as mobilisation and myofascial release, restoring movement with pilates and yoga has a positive effect on the body after injury. It encourages a balanced mindful approach to rehabilitation.


She has had positive results within her own physiotherapy practice treating complex pain issues, spinal issues, joint issues implementing a balanced approach with the aim of allowing the patient to be actively involved in their rehabilitation.


At Connected Physio We Provide A Holistic Range Of Treament Options